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The Power of Bodybuilding For Weight Loss

A body is a wonderful instrument. It provides you with pleasure. It takes you where you want to go. There is so much it helps you do. Yet, like any instrument, it can become worn. It can also become out of tune. When this turns out to be the case, you need to repair the […]

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Is Weight Loss Surgery Right For You? Maybe…Maybe Not…

If your BMI indicates that you’re obese and you’ve been toying with the idea of weight loss surgery, here’s all the information you’ll need to know on whether it’s the right option for you. For starters, weight loss surgery is still a surgery – replete with all the risks and pain that come along with […]

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Current Research On Weight Loss

The battle on weight loss is ongoing.  New research continues to try to help more people lose weight, as the current rates of obesity and being overweight in America continue to rise. There are products on the market that are proving to be beneficial to those who are having problems losing weight. Current medical research […]

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Dieting Can Bring You a Lot More Than Just Weight Loss!

Humans get diseases. That’s not news, of course.  What is also not news is that your weight has a big impact on the risk of developing certain diseases.  Oftentimes, we turn to prescribed medications and over-the-counter drugs to deal with these diseases.  However, we often overlook the fact that changing our diets to lose weight […]


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