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The Power of Bodybuilding For Weight Loss

A body is a wonderful instrument. It provides you with pleasure. It takes you where you want to go. There is so much it helps you do. Yet, like any instrument, it can become worn. It can also become out of tune. When this turns out to be the case, you need to repair the […]

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Shedding Weight By Bodybuilding With Your Significant Other

When it comes to losing weight, many people try to go it alone. This is not always the wisest approach to take. While a few individuals are better off dieting and working on their weight loss program by themselves, most find they need help, or at least support. Men and women alike find it is […]

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Remain Feminine as a Bodybuilder

You are female and looking for a way to lose weight, become stronger and healthier? Why not consider bodybuilding. No. this does not mean you will suddenly look like the stereotypical “ape-man” with no neck but humungous muscles. Lifting weights will not turn you into a female version of the Terminator anytime soon – if […]

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Feeding Muscles – Nutrition and Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding, like many forms of exercise, is demanding. It requires you not only conform to a specific regime, but also that you eat to meet the nutritional requirements of your body. If you wish to eat appropriately, you need to understand the specific nutrients you need to build your body and to lose weight. Nutrition […]

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Bodybuilding, Weight Loss and Supplements

When it comes to losing weight, you want to make sure you are obtaining the right amount and kind of nutrition. For some this is easy. They simply follow their weight loss plan, eating the foods they are required to. For many individuals, however, it is not always easy to ingest what they need. For […]

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A Winning Combination: Weight Loss and Bodybuilding

Weight loss is a significant component of your choice to lead a healthy life. While dieting is an important component, so, too, are various other factors. Among those that are considered of prime importance in losing weight and keeping it off is exercise. There are various types of exercises that can help your lose weight […]

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Now Is the Time! Weight Loss for Women Over 40

When you’ve touched the big Four-O, a lot of things including daily chores and getting out of bed in the morning can seem rigorous and daunting – let alone weight loss. This is because your metabolism crashes by about 15% when you’re 40 – thereby sentencing you to a steady diet of oats and carrots. […]

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You’re Never Too Busy for Weight Loss!

If you’re one of the millions of people juggling demanding careers, families and hobbies and find little or no time to focus on such things as weight loss, fitness routines and healthy cooking, you might just be on the right page. Maybe you travel frequently and thrive entirely on flight and hotel food. Or you’re […]

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A New Twist on Weight Loss – Yoga!

In an era where everything from drinking coffee to banking is done with a click of a button, we all want weight loss to be speedy, painless, and all too convenient for us as well. Unfortunately, however, weight loss still remains something you can only achieve with a disciplined exercise and diet regimen despite those […]

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Food and Exercise Are Never Lone Acts

Have you been frustrated by the ineffectiveness of your diet or the lack of results from exercising? One of the main reasons why many people don’t have success with weight loss programs is because they focus solely on one aspect of weight loss to the neglect of other strategies. There are two common health misconceptions […]


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