Shedding Weight By Bodybuilding With Your Significant Other

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When it comes to losing weight, many people try to go it alone. This is not always the wisest approach to take. While a few individuals are better off dieting and working on their weight loss program by themselves, most find they need help, or at least support. Men and women alike find it is easier to lose weight as part of a healthy weight loss plan if they have the support of their family and friends.

When it comes to motivation and encouragement one of the individuals in your life you should be able to rely on is your spouse or partner. You can fight this battle together. It is always beneficial to have the significant other on your side. With this in mind, prepare your weight loss plan and include your partner in preparing, planning and participating in at least one major component of this program – exercise. With this in mind, consider shedding weight by bodybuilding with your partner.

Practical Reasons for Your Spouse Partnering With You During Exercise

There are several practical reasons behind having a partner when you workout. Having someone there while you lift weights or do resistance training is beneficial for both of you. Having a partner whom you can spot and who can spot you means

  • You have someone there to make sure nothing goes wrong
  • If something goes wrong while you are lifting weights your partner can get help
  • He or she can ensure you do not overdo it
  • You mix up or follow the set routine required by your weight loss program

There are also other benefits arising from this form of joint activity may astound you.

The Benefits of Bodybuilding with your Spouse

Your spouse is your partner for life. They are part of so many activities that you are involved in. Bodybuilding is one more. It can help you separately and together. A spouse can be helpful in this form of exercise in several ways. He or she by their presence and involvement can:

  • Help you remain motivated to lose weight and work out
  • Emphasize your commitment to each other and to the common goal
  • Creates a common interest the two of you can share
  • Making it part of a family project rather than a solo effort increases the bond the two of you have
  • Increase communication about why you are doing this
  • Decrease stress so everybody is less on-edge
  • Creates a positive role model for your children
  • Shows you have respect and pride for each other


Not everyone is suited to work out with their partner. While working in a gym may reduce stress for some people it may also result in increased tension. You also need to look at the other person’s requirements. Your partner may not need or be suited to certain aspects of bodybuilding. Women tend to favour cardiovascular workouts and aerobics while men opt for strength training such as lifting weights. Try to achieve a balance where everyone is content and working to improve their body’s physical form.

Other aspects you need to consider are consistency – when you work out should be mutually decided and mutually beneficial. Work together on this to ensure no one feels that only their schedule is being disrupted and altered to fit the other’s. Other things you might want to consider include:

  • Criticism – be tactful not censorious. The point is you both have faults and make mistakes. This is not about being better but becoming better together
  • Communication – talk to each other. Include various topics but be sure to be encouraging about what each is doing
  • Unity – This is a joint operation. Work like a couple
  • Consider this to be quality time. You are working one-on-one
  • Fun – Do not forget to enjoy what you are doing

Working out together can be a challenge. It means you have to find a common basis and the time to put into practice a weight loss program. This may not appear to be easy, but any difficulties you may encounter will prove to be worth the obstacles.

Does this Work?

There are, of course anecdotal information stating pairing spouses for weight loss through body building does or does not work. Yet, there is scientific research to back up certain conclusions. Research does indicate that partners who exercise together and show support are more likely to stay the course. Studies indicated partners exercise together or have such a common interest, they receive greater spousal support1. Moreover, the drop-out rate between married couples who were active together and those pairs who were single was significant. It was 6.3% for the married-pairs compared with 43% of the married-singles2.


If you want to achieve your goal of weight loss through bodybuilding, support is crucial.  Your partner is the ideal person to join you in this attempt to improve not only your but his or hers life. Not only will you and your spouse become closer as a result of this form of physical activity, you will take off and continue to keep off the pounds. Drawing on your partner for support reduces the burden on you. You share part of yourself and, therefore, lessen any of the negative feelings you may have that could result in failure3.


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