The Power of Bodybuilding For Weight Loss

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A body is a wonderful instrument. It provides you with pleasure. It takes you where you want to go. There is so much it helps you do. Yet, like any instrument, it can become worn. It can also become out of tune. When this turns out to be the case, you need to repair the problem.

In many instances, the difficulty is that your body is overweight or even obese. Embarking upon a weight loss program will help you out of the current situation. Yet, if a weight loss plan is to be successful, you need to make sure it is complete. It needs to provide you with the means of not only taking the weight off, but also keeping it off. This involves exercise. Exercise can be of many different types. Among the possible choices available for both men and women is body building.

What is Bodybuilding?

Bodybuilding is both a sport and a means of losing weight. It involves exercising in a specific fashion to increase muscle mass. The basics of bodybuilding for both men and women when applied in a general sense involve the following forms of exercise:

  • Strength training – considered one of the most productive
  • Weight lifting
  • Aerobic exercise
  • Resistance training
  • Muscle building

When professionals distinguish between competitive bodybuilding and bodybuilding to improve your tone and overall look, different terms are applied. While the former remains bodybuilding, the latter is referred to as body sculpting. This term applies to both men and women. While both yield the same results, strict bodybuilding is a professional sport. Body sculpting helps you lose weight, look good and derive benefits without resorting to what may actually be beyond either your cope or purpose.

How does Bodybuilding or Body Sculpting Work?

The principle behind the relationship between weight loss and bodybuilding is simple. Your metabolism is the centre of the energy exchange. Its rate is responsible for whether your body retains or eliminates the source of energy – food. A slow metabolic rate means more conversion of food into fat cells while a fast metabolic rate results in the burning of calories and its elimination from the body in the form of energy. Exercise is one form of helping your body expend extra energy. Body building, by increasing the amount of muscle mass, is a form of exercise that mindfully helps increase both muscle and energy expenditure.

Simply put – in gaining more muscle mass, you expend more calories. This results in the reduction – burning off, of fat. Since muscles continue to expend more energy, this continues to decrease the amount of calories converting into fat. As a result, you do not gain weight and continue to define your body.

Why choose Bodybuilding?

If you decide upon bodybuilding you may find there are various benefits. These include some or all of the following:

  • Weight loss
  • Increase muscle strength
  • Builds up ligament and bone strength
  • Can enhance flexibility
  • Introduce or implement discipline
  • Decrease levels of cholesterol or bad fat
  • Improves the condition of the heart

Overall bodybuilding can be beneficial on different levels. The advantages extend beyond muscle increase and weight loss.

Problems with Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is not for everyone. There are also the issues of expectations. Not everybody can become the ideal of bodybuilding perfection. This is particularly true for women. It is a genetic reality that many women and men are not capable of becoming the physical ideal for the various bodybuilding competitions. Women lack testosterone a major component in the bulking up of major muscles. Some men and many women are capable of becoming lean and toned but are not physically or genetically disposed to build the extreme muscles that come easier to others. The natural ability to build the large type of muscles common to competitive bodybuilders is rare1.

If you enter into the process of bodybuilding with expectations that exceed your genetic possibilities, you may suffer disappointment. This, in turn, could result in decreased incentive to continue your weight loss program. The power of bodybuilding with its chance of weight loss and body toning could vanish. You may move on or regress. Make sure you understand the built in limitations of three basic factors: genetics, gender and age.

Both gender and genetics determine the amount of muscle you can amass. Age acts to reduce the muscles already present in the body. Natural aging results in the loss of muscles. This can be altered and muscle regained through bodybuilding. This is an instance where bodybuilding – in the form of resistance training in particular, can triumph over the degeneration of a body during the advance of old age2.

There is also another issue or concern. To those who decide to go beyond bodybuilding as a means of losing weight and developing a toned, firm body, bodybuilding can present a negative influence. In certain cases, the individual may develop a form of dependency. Factors determining this include socio-economic status, parental and marital status and life satisfaction3.


Bodybuilding for weight loss can be a powerful tool for transformation. It is a positive force in realizing the goal of taking and keeping off weight. It is necessary to be realistic in deciding to integrate bodybuilding into your weight loss program. Remember genetics, gender and age may restrict your ability to reach what hard core bodybuilders see as the Holy Grail.



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